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Maintenance Service Guarantee

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SMI Realty Management guarantees, as long as SMI Realty Management manages this apartment community, to provide next working day maintenance service on the following: mechanical problems with your air conditioning or heating system, refrigerator, exterior sewer line, hardware on your exterior doors, interior plumbing, stove, and oven.

(See below for a complete list of the items covered.*)
Rent Rebate Agreement If Realty Management Corp. fails to make the specific repairs within the guaranteed time, we will rebate your rent prorated from the day you request service up to, but not including, the day the repairs are made (subject to the availability of parts). Our Maintenance Guarantee goes beyond guaranteeing only immediate emergency requests. A $5 per day rent credit will be given for the certain items (see the back of this Guarantee) should they not be serviced within 72 hours of your proper request to Management (subject to the availability of parts).
Terms and Conditions
  1. Items listed will be repaired by 5:00 PM the next working day after your Property Manager receives WRITTEN NOTIFICATION of the maintenance request as specified in number 3 below.
  2. “Working days” are Monday through Friday except holidays posted on the office door.
  3. To eliminate misunderstandings, you must provide your Property Manager with written notification of the service request between 9:00 AM and noon, Monday through Friday. Written reports of maintenance requests which are received after noon will be considered to have been received on the following work day. Management’s or Maintenance’s attempt to resolve the request within 24 hours constitutes meeting the Guarantee requirement. To receive your rent rebate, you must provide your Property Manager with WRITTEN NOTIFICATION of our failure to make the requested repairs within 24 hours of the time the repairs were to have been made.
  4. The rent rebate will not apply if you are in default under any terms of your lease or if you are responsible, through negligence or misuse for the problem which necessitates the repair.

* The following items are included under the SMI Realty Management Maintenance Guarantee. 

Any item not listed is excluded from the Guarantee.

Receive pro-rated rent credit for every day over 24 hours:

Air Conditioner Not Cooling/Blowing
Heating Not Heating/Blowing
Refrigerator/Freezer Not Cooling
Exterior Sewer Line Stoppage
Exterior Door Hardware Inoperable
Broken Windows
Kitchen Sink Will Not Drain
Shower/Tub Will Not Drain (in a one bath apartment)
Commode Will Not Flush
Stove/Oven Not Heating
Electrical Breakers

Receive $5 per day credit for every day over 72 hours:

Garbage Disposal Not Working
Dishwasher Not Working
Broken Commode Seats
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Shower Heads
A/C Filters
Mini Blind Repairs
Interior Door Closures

ANY time work is done in your apartment home, a copy of the work order will be left for your information.


Please  Click Here  to submit a Service Request